Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to make my mask?

It’s really easy and takes just a few minutes. Just print the template onto our inkjet sheet, and use scissors to cut out the mask outline. Fold the fabric in half, placing the inner filtration layer in between and put the nose-bridge strip in place. Fold the flaps of the mask, and seal them using a hot iron and the fabric welding strip included. Attach the elastic ear loops the same way – and your mask is completed!

Where can I see a video to help me understand how to make my mask?

You can see a short video tutorial, guiding you through the simple steps to make your Printable Mask here

Is there an easy way to remove the fabric from the backing paper?

To aid in peeling the cotton mask material from the wax paper backing, briefly apply heat from your iron across a small corner of the cotton material before attempting removal. This will release part of the fabric from its backing, making it easy to grip, and then peel off gently without stretching the fabric.

How do I maximise the strength of ear loop attachment to the mask?

To maximise the strength of bond between the ear loops and mask, we suggest doubling over the web adhesive included, and applying additional pressure to the bond for a short time immediately after removing the iron.

How do I use the web adhesive?

When using the web adhesive, use the iron on its hot/high setting and ensure your fingers do not come into contact with the iron. Parental supervision is required for those under 14 years.

What should I do if the web adhesive sticks to my iron?

If any of the web adhesive sticks to the underside of the hot iron, use a disposable rag or piece of fabric to rub the underside of the iron while it is still hot, to remove any adhesive residue.

How can I check and adjust colour matching and print quality?

We recommend that you try printing your mask design on plain paper, using the best quality print settings for plain paper, before printing onto your Printable Mask fabric sheet. If you wish to make adjustments to your printed image (contrast, saturation, brightness), you can do this in your devices photo editing software. Once you have made your edits, save the edited image to your Photo Roll, and use the Image Upload function in the MaskCreator app to use your edited image to print your mask.

What print settings should I use?

If you are printing from a mobile device, your settings will be automatically determined, and you will not need to make any adjustments. If you print from a desktop computer, you should use the settings for Plain Paper, at the highest quality setting your printer allows for Plain Paper, and be sure to select ’SCALE TO FIT’ or ‘FIT’.

What quality and standards do these face coverings meet?

When assembled, our 3 layer masks conform to guidance from the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) and European Office for Standardisation (CEN) for breathability and filtration performance:

CEN Guidance (from CWA17553: 2020):
Filtration Efficiency: For particles around 3 (± 0,5) µm must be greater than or equal to 90% for the face covering to be classed as ‘Level 90%'
Printable Mask: 99.7%
Breathability: The differential pressure of the material should be less than or equal to 70 Pa/cm2
Printable Mask: 39.2 Pa/cm2

WHO Guidance (Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19: 5th June 200):
According to expert consensus three (3) is the minimum Filter Quality Factor (Q) recommended.
Printable Mask: Q = 65

*Note: All tests were performed by an independent, third party test house (Intertek).

What are the masks made of?

Each mask is made from a sheet of our specially developed 100% cotton inkjet media. This is laminated onto a backing paper that you simply peel away after printing. A pre-cut inner layer of melt-blown filtration fabric is enveloped by two layers of the 100% cotton. The pack also includes flexible nose-bridge strips, and comfort fit elastic cord for ear-loops.

Are they re-usable?

Like all disposable masks, The Printable Mask is designed for wearing for up to 4 hours, after which it should be safely disposed of.

Are they washable?

The inner layer of melt-blown filtration fabric is not washable and its performance would be damaged so we do not recommend or promote the mask as washable.